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Stinky Gents – How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

Cleaning Tips 6-Dec-19 | By Nikki

There are several reasons why boy’s toilets normally smell worse than girl’s:

1. Bad aim. Urine soaks into grout lines & porous surfaces. The urine stains & creates persistent malodours.

2. Uric acid crystals (which is part of the urine) build up inside pipework—creating potential blockages & also malodours.

3. Many of our competitor’s products mask the smell rather than dealing with the build-up. Also, standard yellow blocks do nothing apart from mask the smell & can also create blockages themselves!

4. Poor cleaning & hard water build-up. Calcium deposits in hard water areas create surfaces for bacteria to breed.

5. Finally, urinals that use too much water can create scale build-up & the uric acid will then cling to that rough surface. Urinals that use very little water but no appropriate additive can also create a problem.


What is the answer?

Thankfully there is an easy solution to this problem that does not include hazardous chemicals but instead allows a biological chemical to work for you day & night.

Blu Away & Bio Blocks contain millions of bacteria that love to eat the build-up which cause the odours. The friendly bacteria like to bed into the deposits and create their own culture, continually feeding on the uric acid crystals & the fatty deposits.  With regular use & the avoidance of other cleaning chemicals, you can keep your pipes clear & your washrooms smelling fresh.

drain blocked with gunk


Please note that Blu Away’s friendly bacteria will be killed if you use any other disinfecting cleaners.  The rule is if you are using Blu Away & Bio Blocks do not use anything else.