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Sweeping not Vacuuming Pet Hair

Cleaning Tips 12-Jun-14 | By Nikki

Pesky Pet Hair

We have a large house with no carpet. Instead we have solid oak floors & black & white matt ceramic tiles. We have 2 cats 1 black & 1 white who both molt so much I can’t believe they are not bald.


Sometimes removing pet hair seems like a full time occupation. Usually I vacuum with a Hetty Hoover but today I brought home a Rubbermaid 4215 carpet sweeper that has a rubber roller instead of a brush roller.


It was fantastic. Very easy to use, incredibly light & best of all really, really quick. I collected all visible cat hair in about 5 minutes compared to the 30 in normally takes me to vacuum our house. Here is what I collected in  5 minutes.


Later today I am testing this same product on carpet, will let you know later how it performs…