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How To Use A Cloth Properly

Cleaning Tips 4-Mar-16 | By Nikki


You’ve just cleaned the dishes and are moving onto cleaning the surfaces, but what do you do first? You reach for the cleaning spray, spray the unit, pick up the cloth and ball it up in your hand and wipe the unit down. That’s the correct way isn’t it?

You’d be extremely surprised to know that that is not actually the correct way to clean surfaces, yet thousands of people clean that way!

How To Clean Surfaces Properly With a Cloth

The reason why this is not the correct way to clean is that you eventually end up spreading more germs than actually cleaning.

For starters, spraying directly onto the unit or surface that you’re going to clean is wrong. This is because you cannot control the amount of product that goes onto the unit, and you end up wasting some of the excess product. As well as that, it is also not as easy to control where the cleaning chemical goes on the surface, especially if you have sprayed the cleaner fairly far away.

Secondly, scrunching a cloth up in your hand to clean is wrong too. We all fall guilty of doing this at least once, but hopefully after reading how to clean with a cloth properly you will be able to change how you clean. Scrunching a cloth in your hand as you wipe down a surface is wrong because the dirt is coming into contact with various points of the cloth. This then means that the dirt, germs and bacteria are not contained to one section of the cloth. Therefore when you go to wipe a surface again in this way, germs cover yet more of the cloth. It will then come to a point that you are spreading germs rather than cleaning them.

How To Use A Cloth Properly

To clean properly with a cloth, start by folding the cloth so that you have a flat side to work with. Some cloths can fold in a way that they have 8 sides that can be used, like the Vileda Breazy Cloth.VILEDA BREAZY CLOTH CLEANING CLEAN

Once you have a flat side of the cloth to clean with, spray your cleaning product directly onto the cloth. Doing this means that you aren’t wasting any product as all of it will be used. If you find that that one spray is not enough, just spray again directly onto the cloth.

Then use the flat side of the cloth to wipe the surface. Doing this means that the dirt from the unit is contained to the one side of the cloth, meaning that when you reuse one of the other sides, there won’t be any dirt there, unlike if you scrunch the cloth.

As well as that, always make sure you wear gloves when using chemicals, as many can have a harmful reaction to the skin.

Below is a video demonstrating what has just been described here.