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5L Freshen It Washroom Cleaner De-odouriser & Sanitiser

  • Kills MSRA & leaves a lovely fragrance
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  • 5L bottle makes 166 trigger sprays
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5L Freshen It Washroom Cleaner De-Odouriser & Sanitiser

A pH neutral sanitary cleaner designed to clean, disinfect and create a very long lasting aroma.
A viscous, red liquid with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. Freshnit consists of surfactants and emulsifiers to dissolve body fats and scum, and bactericides to ensure the effective neutralisation of odour at source.
Freshnit is safe to clean and freshen all washroom surfaces, including; sinks, taps, baths, walls, doors, floors, fittings and fixtures, toilets, bidets and urinals.