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AC3001 Heat 'N' Run Heater to fit Prochem Steempro Carpet Cleaners

  • Provides a constant stream of hot water
  • 65C Thermostat
  • 2.8Kw Heater Designed Exclusively for Steempro & Galaxy Carpet Cleaners
£ 825.00 (Excl VAT) £ 990.00 (incl VAT)

Would you wash your dishes in cold water? We all know that is is easier to clean most surfaces if your cleaning solution is hot.  It therefore follows that when cleaning carpets & upholstery (just like when you are doing your laundry) it is better to use hot water when possible. So, if you don’t always have access to hot water then you should consider investing in an AC3001 Heat ‘N’ Run Heater.

The AC3001 works in the same way as an electric shower. Instead of flowing straight down the hose & wand the cold water is pumped through the clip-on heater. Instantly heating the cleaning solution & therefore improving your cleaning results.

The AC3001 heater simply clips on the back of any of the Prochem Steempro carpet cleaning machines.