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Aquasorb Heavy Duty Floor Mat - Traps Mud & Moisture

  • Specially designed for heavy-traffic areas
  • Available in 4 colours & 4 sizes
  • UK Made
  • Recycle
  • Made in UK
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Aquasorb Heavy Duty Floor Mat

This heavy-duty floor mat from BlueDiamond is available from us in 4 colour options, and 4 sizes.

Are you constantly worrying about mud and dirt in your school’s entrance hall, or is your building’s reception constantly being mopped because of muddy boots? Then look no further as we have the solution for you, which will save you time, money and resources…

Aquasorb is an entrance mat specially designed for medium to heavy traffic areas, with the raised crush-resistant waffle design providing an aggressive scraping and cleaning action. The rubber perimeter traps dirt – making it a great plus in schools. Water is also held for superb moisture control (holding up to 6L per sq m), making it ideal for use in entranceways and lobbies with regular foot traffic – making sure you no longer have to spend time and resources on keeping your entrance floor clean. Moulded rubber cleats on the underside of the mat also ensure minimal mat movement on all surfaces and actually raises the mat off the floor to allow drying underneath when newly mopped.

This heavy traffic mat is best suited for placement inside entrances in schools, universities, public buildings, sports facilities and shopping malls.

Features recyclable material.

Available in 4 colours – Blue, Charcoal, Brown or Red.
In 4 different sizes – 2ft x 3ft (60cm x 85cm), 4ft x 6ft (115cm x 180cm), 3ft x 4ft (85cm x 120cm), 3ft x 5ft (85cm x 150cm).