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BubbleFlush UItrasonic Toilet Cleaner

  • Cleans Toilets Without Chemicals
  • Brand New For 2024
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BubbleFlush UItrasonic Toilet Cleaner

Good hygiene and toilet cleaning can be very challenging. In order to remove stubborn dirt and limescale, people use aggressive, chemical detergents that have an impact on our environment and are really bad for the user.
The amount of chemicals, plastic packaging and the effects on the environment have been a true eye-opener to us as a company. In addition to the load on the sewage water treatment plants, it also turned out that many of these agents end up in the environment.
They also have an effect on the treatment process because it is largely based on treatment with the help of sewage sludge which contains active bacteria.

BubbleFlush is an ultrasonic toilet cleaning system that cleans toilets without the need for chemicals.

The ultrasonic waves create bubbles that implode against the porcelain which disturbs the limescale and dirt causing this to detach into the water.

Flushing the toilet will then rid the toilet of all the detached limescale and dirt.

The operation:
  • Put the BubbleFlush under water and push the button.
  • You may hear a mild buzzing sound. Most of the sound has a frequency that we humans cannot hear.
  • The BubbleFlush quickly performs a number of measurements during the cleaning process and sets itself to the most optimal cleaning level for each cleaning service.
  • The LED indicator next to the button lights up during cleaning.
  • The LED indicator now displays the battery status.
  • When the battery voltage is at 10% it will indicate that you can charge the BubbleFlush. As soon as the LED indicator displays this status the BubbleFlush can be used to clean about 10 toilets. This allows you to charge the battery whenever it suits you.

Here’s a before and after from a test we recently did in our office bathroom…

bubbleflush before toilet bubbleflush after toilet