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Doodle Bug Kit Complete With 1x Handle 1x Pad Holder 2x Pads

  • Great for giving the surface a thorough clean
  • Keeps Hands Away from the Surface
  • Re-Use
£ 29.48 (Excl VAT) £ 35.38 (incl VAT)

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3ms Doodlebug Hand Pad Holder
3ms Doodlebug Hand Pad Holder
£34.14 (Excl VAT)
  • Re-Use

Doodle Bug Scrub Pad Kit

The doodle bug scrub pad kit comes with one pad holder, and two scrubbing pads. The doodle bug kit is excellent for when you need to give difficult surfaces, such as safety flooring, a good and thorough clean. As well as that, the size of the pad holder is perfect for getting into hard to reach areas, such as skirting and flooring near skirting where mops may not penetrate the floor and dirt properly.

Floor Cleaning Scrubbing Set

We supply anything from a single mop, to multipacks of floor scrubbing pads, vacuum bags and accessories, cleaning fluids, cleaning chemicals, disposable products and wholesale janitorial supplies.  We are proud to be one of the first UK distributors for all Numatic cleaners, from the famous Henry Hoover range, to Numatic specialist machines for cleaning up liquids and floor scrubbers.

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