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Fab Little Bag Dispenser

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  • Super Easy Install & Refill (20 secs)
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Fab Little Bag Dispenser

Did you know?
Every day in the U.K 2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads are flushed, which causes direct pollution to our oceans and rivers.

Perfect for those of you who have committed to Fabbing and want the ultimate in stylish elegant convenience and have the dispenser in your bathroom at home, or you have a small office/shop/workplace and want to bring responsible easy hygienic disposal to the toilet there – everyone wins; the environment, the users, the cleaners!

The dispenser holds up to 40 FabLittleBags at a time and allows for easy, smooth and contamination-free extraction, one bag at a time.
Adhere to or drill into the cubicle wall.
Made from ABS recyclable plastic, easy to keep clean.
Comes with cling-on sticker for simple instructions.
Posters for the back of the cubicle door available on request.

Size: 22 x 13 x 4cm