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iVO Excentr Daily OrbiScrubber 45-40B Battery Scrubber

£ 7,150.00 (Excl VAT) £ 8,580.00 (incl VAT)

iVO Excentr Daily OrbiScrubber 45-40B Battery Scrubber

Built with the same durability and power that Excentr is known for, the Excentr Daily 45-40 is perfect for small to medium-sized spaces. With a scrub width of 43cm, it is easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces and get close to baseboards and corners.

The Excentr Daily 45-40 is designed with a flip-up scrub deck, making it quick and easy to change pads. With traction on the wheels, this machine is highly manoeuvrable and can easily navigate even the toughest environments.

Cleaning Width 43cm
Brush pressure 25kg (23.5 g/cm2)
Productivity 850 to 1800 m2/hour (2 to 4.2 km/h)
Movement 2400x7mm p/m
Protection class IP 54
Height of floor – tank 84cm
Height floor – handle 106cm
Machine length 100cm
Tank capacity (clean water) 40 L
Tank capacity (dirty water) 45 L
Squeegee width 80 cm