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Bio Productions Insecticide Surface and Space Spray Liquid Chemical

  • Environmentally friendly HSE approved insecticide
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  • Available in either 1L or 5L bottles
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Bio Productions Insecticide Liquid

This is a ready to use Insecticide. It is environmentally friendly, HSE (No: 9067) approved insecticide for use on carpets, upholstery fabrics and hard surfaces, simply spray on and leave to dry naturally. This Insecticide is the ideal treatment for eradication of infestations and control of all crawling and flying insects including fleas, and it does not present a health risk to pets or young children who may come into contact with treated surfaces or fabrics.

This Insecticide is ready to use and suitable for the treatment of infestations in all porous and non-porous surfaces, soft furnishings, carpets and upholstery, roof voids and food handling areas. Stapro insecticide remains active after application for at least 14 days, eradicating insect that emerge from eggs. This insecticide is not suitable for use on grain, or in grain stores, or for treating clothing.

Space applications, apply 4ml per m2 Surface treatment apply 20ml per m2.

Available in either 1L or 5L bottles.