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Prochem Chemicals Basic Starter Pack

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Prochem Chemicals Basic Starter Pack

Dirty carpets can be a huge headache and can cause a lot of problems for your business and customers.

Carpets that haven’t been cleaned in a while not only look bad, but they can also be a health hazard. Dust mites and other allergens can get trapped in the fibres and cause respiratory problems.

Prochem’s Chemical Basic Starter Pack is a great solution for your carpet cleaning needs. This pack includes five 5L bottles of our most powerful carpet cleaning chemicals and two 1L bottles of our spot remover. With this pack, you’ll be able to remove most problems with your carpets – from dirt and dust to pet stains and odours.

Buy this pack, and save over 15% on the recommended selling price!


Products included:

5L Prochem Liquid Defoamer – A high-quality anti-foam agent for carpet extraction machine recovery tanks.

5L Prochem Contract Carpet Prespotter  – A powerful and safe low-cost pre-spray and spot cleaner for heavily soiled and greasy carpets.

5L Prochem Contract Carpet Extraction Cleaner – A powerful, safe and economical low foam detergent concentrate for use in carpet soil extraction machines.

5L Prochem Fibre and Fabric Rinse – A professional acidic rinse agent or post spray for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays, stabilising colours and preventing browning.

1L Prochem Stain Pro – Ideal for cotton and natural fibres. Comes in a handy ready to use spray bottle.

1L Prochem Citrus Gel – Prochem Citrus Gel is a highly popular spot and stain remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots on carpet and fabrics.

5L Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser – A powerful, safe and pleasantly perfumed deodoriser formulated to destroy unpleasant odours in carpets.