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Quick-Connect Flexible Dusting Wand

  • Bends to suit the shape of the item being dusted
  • The sleeve is fully launderable
  • Captures dust
  • Reduce
  • Re-Use
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£ 25.55 (Excl VAT) £ 30.66 (incl VAT)

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Flexible Microfibre Dusting Wand

This flexible dusting wand comes with a deep pile microfibre head. The Flexible Microfibre Dusting Wand has been designed for use by housekeepers, as well as in healthcare facilities.  The flexible dusting wands microfibre head picks up and captures dirt easily. This duster can be used by hand or by an extending handle, which means that it can be used for high-level dusting.

This microfibre duster measures 725x57x10mm.

EASILY BENDS and conforms to irregular shapes to allow users to clean crown mouldings, tops of cabinets, and other areas. EASY COLLECTION of dust, hair and larger debris.  Also works great for cleaning furniture, allows users to trap the largest amount of dust and dirt.

Microfibre Duster