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Tub of 24 Cistern Blocks Royal Flush

  • Long lasting protection
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  • Helps prevent limescale
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Not to be confused with the decorative ‘blue’ blocks although the same concept.

Royal Flush blue cistern blocks deliver both biological and chemical cleaning agents as well as a blue colour each time the flush is activated.

The water-softening and sequestering agents maintain a clean bowl while the biological cleaning power works in
the pipes to prevent any build-up of solids and continues working in small bore, pumped toilet systems and older
buildings where drain-runs can be problematic. Also enhances septic tank efficiency.

Royal Flush Cistern Blocks Clean deodorise and freshen the toilet bowl with each flush. Long lasting blue colour with added bactericide and water softening agents to help reduce lime-scale deposits. Lightly fragranced for optimum benefit.