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4K Dry Blend Extraction Detergent

  • Economical commercial extraction detergent
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • White powder with lemon fragrance
  • Recycle
  • Made in UK
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Dry Blend Extraction Detergent

This dry blend carpet cleaner has been specially formulated to be a powdered detergent for use in carpet soil extraction machines.  This dry blend extraction detergent is suitable for use on most types of carpet, subject to proper pre-inspection and colour testing before using the product.  This product is for professional and industrial use and is for use on synthetic carpets.  It also contains water softeners, builders, surfactant and corrosion inhibitor for safe and effective results.  Dry blend extraction detergent is a white powder and it has a pleasant lemon fragrance.  To use, mix 15ml. (1 measure scoop) of Dry Blend powder per 5 litres of hot water in the machine solution tank.

pH Diluted: 10

For unstable dyes use Fibre and Fabric Rinse in place of Dry Blend, subject to testing.  Pretreat heavily soiled areas and spots with Multi Pro according to label directions.  For excessive foam from previously shampooed carpets, add Liquid Defoamer to the machine recovery system.

Professional Powder Carpet Cleaner

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