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Small Safety Floor Mopping Kit

  • Ideal for a Limited Budget
  • Perfect for Safety Flooring
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Re-Use
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£ 62.95 (Excl VAT) £ 75.54 (incl VAT)

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  • Re-Use

If you have a small area of safety flooring & a limited budget we suggest you choose our flat mopping kit. Standard mops just don’t clean this type of floor, when the strings are dragged over the floors the grit within the floor simply drags the dirt back off the mop. Ok, so our kit comprises of: 1 x Colour coded flat mopping kit. They are available in either red, yellow, green or blue – the 4 colour coding colours, so when placing your order remember to tell us which colour you want. You will receive 1 bucket c/w colour coded wringer, flat mop frame, microfibre mop head & telescopic handle. 1 x Spikey/scratchy mop head to fit the above mop which agitates & loosens the dirt from the floor getting it into a slurry 1 x 5L of Ubik fitted with a drum pump. we have found this to be the best chemical for cleaning safety flooring 1 x Spare microfibre mop head to dry the floor

Steps to gettting your safety floor clean:

  1. Put 2 pumps of Ubik 2000 into your bucket Fit the scratchy grey pad to the mop frame Immerse the mop into the bucket & liberally apply the mopping solution to the floor. Work the mop back & forth, keep the floor wet & you will see the water getting greyer & greyer as the dirt begins to lift from the floor.
  2. Swap the grey mop head for one of the white ones & pick up as much of the dirty water as possible using your clean mop.
  3. For the perfect finish swap the mop head again & use this one dry to remove any remaining dirty water from the floor.
  4. Finally wash all the mops in your washign machine. Just remember to leave out fabric conditioner as this reduced the effectivenesss of the microfibre. These mops can literally last years before they need replacing.