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SpaceVac Endeavour High-Clean Vacuum

£ 3,896.12 (Excl VAT) £ 4,675.34 (incl VAT)

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SpaceVac Endeavour High-Clean Vacuum

The SpaceVac Endeavour is a powerful twin-motor high-reach vacuum cleaner with excellent suction and easy removal of high-level dust and dirt from internal settings.

Key Features Of The SpaceVac Endeavour Vacuum

  • Reaches to a maximum height of 9.8m
  • Two single-phase brush motors double stage by-pass
  • Painted version with trolley in RAL 9005 black, container and filter chamber in RAL 7001 grey
  • Motor-head in ABS/metal black coloured
  • Independent switches for each motor
  • Vacuum meter to check the filter efficiency
  • 9m Long Electrical Cable
  • Star filter in a cat. “L”
  • Manual filter shaker on top of the vacuum
  • Quick inlet Ø70mm
  • Dust bin of 25l provided with handle and castors
  • Rear castors Ø125mm, front castors Ø100mm with brake
  • With special support for SpaceVac tools

What Is The SpaceVac Endeavor?


  • Power: 2000w
  • Max Airflow: 340 m3/h
  • Container Capacity: 25l
  • Noise Level: 76 db(a)
  • Depression Max: 210 mbar

One of the latest SpaceVac vacuums, the SpaceVac Endeavor, features a twin motor to deliver a powerful industrial cleaning performance. The dual-motor system makes the vacuum unique amongst other options available. The increased power improves suction, making it easy to remove internal dust and dirt, even at high levels.

The Benefits Of SpaceVac Endeavor

Like the SpaceVac Hurricane, the individual motors are independent of each other, allowing operators to use the vacuum at different suction levels. For industrial workplaces looking to remove internal dust effectively, the SpaceVac Endeavor is the ideal industrial cleaning solution. This high-reach vacuum assists operators to remove dust from out-of-reach equipment and features near the ceiling. Operators can remove any internal dust from the safety of the ground.

SpaceVac Vacuums

This brand new range of vacuum products, have been custom designed and engineered to provide the perfect companion to our range of innovative high-level cleaning systems. This range of 15 systems provides operators a complete range of options for internal and external cleaning across industrial and commercial spaces as well as a range for working in ATEX certified areas.

  • 2 brush motors, single-phase
  • 2200 WATT (2,2 kW)
  • 230V. 50/60 HZ.
  • 210mbar
  • 340 m3/h
  • 16a CEE industrial plug- UK patch lead added for 13 amp use