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SpaceVac Titan ATEX High-Clean Vacuum

£ 8,269.14 (Excl VAT) £ 9,922.97 (incl VAT)

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SpaceVac Titan ATEX High-Clean Vacuum

The SpaceVac Titan is a powerful high-reach vacuum cleaner with excellent suction and easy removal of high-level ATEX dust and dirt from internal settings.

Key Features Of The SpaceVac Titan Vacuum

  • Single-phase motor asynchronous labelled ATEX EX II 3D.
  • RAL 9005 black trolley, stainless steel container, and RAL 9003 white filter chamber.
  • Check the filter efficiency with the vacuum meter.
  • 10m electric wire with 2P+earth 16A IP67 certified ATEX industrial plug.
  • Manual filter shaker.
  • Star filter in a polyester cat. “L” is antistatic.
  • A 25-litre dust container with a handle and castors is included.
  • 70mm quick inlet
  • As a standard, a relief valve is installed.
  • Antistatic, rear castors 125mm, front castors 100mm with brake.
  • Special support for SpaceVac tools.


The SpaceVac Titan is a high-quality, industrial vacuum cleaner that is ATEX-certified. It is designed and constructed for use with SpaceVac’s high-level ATEX equipment. The SpaceVac Titan ATEX vacuum features industry-leading suction and airflow levels to ensure the safe removal of combustible dust. It is the ideal ATEX equipment for industrial manufacturing facilities and bakeries, where explosive atmospheres can develop.

Operators can use the ATEX vacuum with peace of mind due to its spark-free technology. The SpaceVac Titan has been designed to ensure static electricity isn’t generated which could react with combustible dust. For maximum ease of use, the ATEX equipment is built with smart holders to hold the specialist tools, pipes, and attachments that can be used alongside the SpaceVac Titan.

Why Should I Invest In The SpaceVac Titan?

For Use In ATEX Areas

Any industry where sugar, starch, wood, resins, flour, plastics, paper, textiles, and lightweight metals accumulate has the potential to cause an explosive atmosphere and ignite. If you work in these environments, it is essential to use a high-quality ATEX vacuum regularly to remove combustible dust. The SpaceVac Titan is a specialist ATEX vacuum cleaner that’s safe to use to remove zone 22 dust (group II, category 3D). Alongside SpaceVac’s wide range of conductive full-carbon cleaning systems the SpaceVac Titan is effective at cleaning specialised ATEX environments.

Investing in the SpaceVac Titan provides an ATEX vacuum that is safe and efficient to use. Operators can remove combustible dust from the safety of the ground and don’t have to risk injuries from arranging ladders or falling from height. The high-level ATEX equipment also makes it much easier to remove dust due to its easy-to-handle nozzle and attachments.

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SpaceVac Vacuums

This brand new range of vacuum products, have been custom designed and engineered to provide the perfect companion to our range of innovative high-level cleaning systems. This range of 15 systems provides operators a complete range of options for internal and external cleaning across industrial and commercial spaces as well as a range for working in ATEX certified areas.

  • Power: 1500w
  • Max Airflow: 200 m3/h
  • Container Capacity: 25l
  • Noise Level: 67 db(a)
  • Depression Max: 200 mbar