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Spill Sign Caddy Kit - Incls Carry Sign, 5L Spill Aid, DustPan and Brush, Gloves and Sacks

  • Spills can be dealt with much more quickly
  • Everything you need – included within the sign
  • Re-Use
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£ 69.99 (Excl VAT) £ 83.99 (incl VAT)

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Spill Aid 5L Re-Sealable Pouch
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  • Re-Use

Spill Sign Caddy Kit

This spill caddy kit is a brilliant addition to your cleaning kit because it is such a brilliant product! The spill sign caddy serves two purposes. It isnt just a caution sign but it is also a caddy where you can store everything that you need to use to deal with a spill. As the sign is also a caddy it means that spills can be dealt with much more quickly and efficiently because the apparatus is inside the caddy. Within this kit is; a carry sign, 5L spill aid pouch, a dustpan and brush, gloves and sacks. One of the marvelous things about this caddy kit, as well as Spill Aid, is that it can be used in numerous environments, supermarkets, clubs, hotels, hospitals and many more.

The caddy also features Spill Aid which is a fantastic power absorber. Spill Aid is a fast acting absorbent for all spills from oil to chemicals, but not hydrofluoric acid. As well as that, where there has been a liquid spill and glass is within the spill, Spill Aid can pick up the glass as well. Simply pour Spill Aid over the spill, and brush up the liquid and glass.

Caution Cleaning Sign

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