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Unger Stingray Indoor Glass Cleaning Kit

  • Cleans windows 25% faster than traditional methods
  • Uses up to 39% less chemicals than traditional methods
  • Protects the glass making windows stay cleaner longer
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Stingray Indoor Glass Cleaning Kit

THE quickest way to polish interior windows

All kits include:

1 x Stingray Handheld Unit

1 x Stingray Microfibre TriPad

1 x Stingray Deep Clean Microfibre TriPad

1 x Stingray Glass Cleaner Chemical in a Pouch

The basic kit code SRKTH includes just 1 x 63cm Pole – giving a working height of 2m (7ft) including the operator

The next kit up code SRKT3B includes 1 x 63cm & 2 x 1.24m poles – giving a working height of 4m (13ft) including the operator

The deluxe kit, code SRKTH includes a handy holdall & 1 x 63cm & 3 x 1.24m poles – giving a working height of 5m (16ft) including the operator

Cleans windows 25% faster and uses up to 39% less chemicals than traditional methods.UNGER Stingray System, the most efficient indoor cleaning tool EVER!

  • Enclosed spray nozzle prevents overspraying minimises waste and airborne chemicals.
  • Superior Cleaning Power:  Lint-free, easy glide microfiber Tri-Pad, collects dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt.
  • Push Button Simplicity – Effortlessly apply glass cleaner at the push of a button at any height.
  • Get professional results with minimal training.
  • Working height 2m (7ft).