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uBin Recycling Bin Base & Lid - Grey 70 litre

  • Made from 100% UK post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Made in the UK
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£ 54.61 (Excl VAT) £ 65.53 (incl VAT)

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I am not sure if a bin can be tall, dark & handsome but we think this one is. The height of this 70 litre bin makes it easier to use as there is no stooping, the dark charcoal grey is an elegant colour but will also not show up spillages & grime as others do. The lid of the bin sits at an angle so that the opening & sticker is viewable from surrounding desks, the idea being if its more visible & more obvious what to put in it your colleagues will use it more. Also the lid overhangs the bin body so that that the lining sack is hidden from view. The main body of the bin & the lid is made from a 100% UK post consumer recycled plastic. So, the plastic bottle you deposit in a Ubin might well be later recycled into another Ubin, it doesn’t get much more sustainable than that! You can buy the bin with or without a coloured insert. If you are on a tight budget then buy it without – remember to choose the appropriate free sticker. If you want to make a greater impact then chose one of the 5 coloured inserts. These can be changed at a later date so if you add or change a waste stream you can simply buy a replacement insert. Final reasons to buy: The bin is made 100% recycled material. When its reached the end of its life the bin is fully recyclable. They are made in UK. They are best looking & the best value bins available.