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Vileda Ultraspeed Professional Mopping Kit includes 25L Bucket, Press Wringer, Wheeled Base, Mop Frame, 1 x Microfibre Mop & Standard Mop Handle

  • Large capacity
  • Wider mop to suit large areas
  • 100% microfibre mop
  • Reduce
  • Re-Use
  • Recycle
£ 145.24 (Excl VAT) £ 174.29 (incl VAT)

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  • Re-Use
  • Recycle

The Ultraspeed professional mopping kit has a larger capacity & a wider mop to suit large areas that need a flat mopping system. This kit includes tags & clips which allow the user to fully colour code the system.
Vileda Ultra Speed Professional 25L Flat Mopping Kit. Includes 25L bucket, press wringer, wheeled base, mop frame, microfibre mop head & standard handle.

Ultraspeed is:
Effective – 100% Microfibre mop pads give improved cleaning performance and faster removal of stubborn dirt and stains.
Fast Drying – Floors dry 35% faster and are back in use twice as fast! Over 50% faster cleaning over 50sq/m. than kentucky mopping and over 60% faster than socket mopping!
Prevents Cross Infection – Colour coding comes as standard on both Vileda Ultra Speed Systems.
Not just floors! – Controlled cleaning with the flat mop frame, no splashing of other surfaces, easily cleans skirting boards and walls.
Easier on your back! – 50% lighter in use, reduces strain on users backs & shoulders.
Free Training! – Showing your staff how to use flat mops in a figure of 8 means they controls & collect more dirt & systematically cover all of your floor.