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Viper DS350 17" Dual Speed Floor Polisher / Scrubber

  • Dual Speed
  • Easy To Operate
  • Value For Money
£ 1,423.87 (Excl VAT) £ 1,708.64 (incl VAT)

Viper DS350 17″ Dual Speed Floor Polisher / Scrubber

The Viper DS350 is a dual speed single disc machine that is easy to operate and effective. The DS350 is the ideal tool for heavy-duty cleaning and scrubbing hard floors.

Ideal for everyday indoor cleaning of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, as well as public buildings like schools and government offices.

The Viper DS350 is a dual-speed single disc machine that may be used for a variety of professional cleaning chores. for activities involving buffing, spray cleaning, and scrubbing. Controls are simple to use and straightforward to operate.

The Viper DS350 single disc has a sturdy, dependable, and service-friendly design that makes it simple to scrub, clean, and buffer floors. The water tank, brush, and pad holder are included with the machine, and it is ready to use.

Key Features 

  • Simple and user-friendly. The machine is automatically locked of when the handle is in 90 degree vertical position. Soft start system and automatic brush installation.
  • High quality product. The aluminum base and low noise thanks to belt driven motor.
  • Easy to use. Large rear wheels facilitates transport and makes a well-balanced machine.
  • Great value for money. Water tank, brush and pad holder comes with the dual speed machine. Furthermore the dual speed single disc offers a choice of 175 or 350 rpm for easy, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of all floors
Weight 39.5KG
Voltage 230V
Wattage 1500W/1800
Speed 175RPM / 350RPM
Cable Length 10M
Brush Width 430MM
Part Number 50000302
Height 43CM
Width 51CM
Length 117CM