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Clean 3 Times Quicker with a Pacvac

Cleaning Tips 17-Apr-18 | By Nikki

If your cleaning staff or contract cleaner are still using tub vacs then now is the time to ask them why.

A recent study tested how long it took different types of vacuums to clean the same sized area – revealing that backpack vacuums are almost three times more productive than canister and upright vacuums.*

We have worked out some savings based on this eg.:

  • The average UK primary school is 6000 sq/m
  • UK minimum wage April 2018 is £7.83 per hour
  • Most schools are vacuumed every week night  (lets pretend this is a thorough vacuum rather than a spot vacuum)
  • There are 12 weeks of school holidays per year

Yearly cost to vacuum using a tub vac = £40K

Yearly cost to vacuum using a Pacvac = £14K

Yearly Saving = £27K

Do you still think a Pacvac is too expensive?

*Reference: The Official ISSA 612 Cleaning Times & Tasks; The Worldwide Cleaning Association.

Backpack Productivity Gains