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Keep your home fresh & clean with pets

How to 7-Nov-23 | By Steve

Hey there, fellow pet lovers! 🐾

If you’ve ever shared your home with a four-legged furball, you know the drill. From muddy footprints that appear out of nowhere to finding pet hair in the most unexpected places, keeping your house clean can sometimes feel like a never-ending challenge.

But fear not, because here at One Stop Cleaning Shop, we’ve got your back! We have a range of products that will make cleaning up after your furry friends a breeze. So, let’s embark on this journey together and keep your pet-friendly home looking and smelling fresh!

messy dog spraying water pet

1. Don’t Forget to Dry Your Pet After a Bath or Walk

We all want our pets to smell as fresh as a daisy, but air-drying them after a bath can turn your home into a “wet dog wonderland.”

Instead, reach for an ultra-absorbent pet towel to quickly dry your furry friend. Keep a trusty Spray Mop on standby to tackle any muddy footprints – it’s like magic! This BLADE microfiber mop removes over 99% of bacteria with just water, so no need for harsh chemicals.

2. Remove Odors – Don’t Just Cover Them Up

Sure, candles and air fresheners can temporarily mask odours, but they’re not the real deal.

To banish those unwanted pet smells, consider an air purifier in your living room and kitchen. It’ll work wonders at eliminating the not-so-pleasant fragrances your pet might be emitting.

3. Clean All Your Pet Necessities Regularly

Preventing odors from accumulating starts with cleaning your pet’s belongings. Throw their fabric toys and bedding in the washing machine, give their food bowls a good scrub, and sanitize their toys. Your nose will thank you!

4. Keep Your Pet Well-Groomed

To avoid a never-ending battle with pet hair on your furniture, keep your furry friend well-groomed. Whether you take them to the groomers or use a grooming tool at home, regular maintenance is key.

If you do find yourself in a hairy situation, a lint roller, a trusty vacuum, and some rubber gloves are your best friends. Rubber gloves work wonders – just glide your hand over the area, and static electricity will clump the hair together for easy disposal. Voilà!

cat sitting in litter tray pet

5. Maintain Their Litter Box or Cage

Your pet’s toilet is a hotspot for bad smells. Follow the RSPCA’s guidelines for your specific pet type – spot clean the litter box for cats, do a full cage or hutch clean for hamsters and bunnies once a week, and clean the fish tank every two weeks. Don’t forget to keep a broom handy to quickly sweep up any spills.

6. Open Windows to Let in Fresh Air

Even in winter, a daily dose of fresh air can work wonders for your home’s freshness. Crack open those windows for a few minutes each day, and your house will feel revitalized.

7. Deep Clean Your Home

Sometimes, a deep clean is in order. Pay extra attention to the areas where your pets spend the most time. Wash sofa cushions, vacuum furniture, and give the walls a good wipe-down.

Extra Tips for Those Deep Cleaning Days

  • The Windows: Pets can leave their mark on windows and doors with paw prints, nose smudges, and tongue marks. Use one of our window cleaning kits – they’re a game-changer.
  • The Floors: Choose mop heads made with microfiber material that eliminates over 99% of bacteria with just water. For deep cleaning, the MotorScrubber BLADE is a superstar, killing 99.9% of bacteria with ease.
  • The Bathroom: After bath time with your furry friend, grab a dustpan and brush set to tidy up any dried-up mud on the bathroom floor. And for that extra sparkle, use a PVA cloth for windows on your shower screen.

Now, you can have both a pet and a clean home that coexist harmoniously.

We’d love to see your adorable furry family members! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook in photos of your pets, you might just get featured on our social media. 📸🐶🐱

Here’s to a pet-friendly, clean, and fresh home! 🏡✨


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