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Getting To Know Paper Products

OSCS News 20-Feb-24 | By Steve

What is paper? Surely it’s the stuff you write on! Well, in the wonderful world of One Stop Cleaning Shop, you’d be wrong… shall we give you a clue?

When we talk about paper we are mainly referring to toilet paper or hand towels.



Everyone needs to wipe their bums and dry their hands!

In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about the different types of toilet paper & hand towels we sell.

You will understand why some are more popular than others, and what questions you need to ask to ensure you buy the right product, 1st time, every time.

Standard Toilet Rolls

Standard Toilet Rolls – What’s Good, What’s Bad & Why!

Imagine a classic roll of toilet paper that you use at home.  Your favourite might be Andrex or Tesco’s own brand but the principle is the same.

Double Toilet Roll Holder Pilfer Proof-2898


  • Familiar and straightforward
  • Easy to implement
  • Looks more homely


  • The dispensers do not usually lock & whole rolls or half rolls are often stolen from bathrooms. They are easy to pop in a handbag – particularly when its cold & flu season. (increasing costs)
  • They are usually wasteful in business premises -as the cleaners visit to replenish the holder & leave the half-used roll on the cistern,
  • Might need frequent refilling in high-traffic areas as there are only about 300 sheets per roll. Interesting fact: the average number of sheets used per visit is 9, so you can see that a roll won’t last long is a busy office or restaurant. 
  • They are also unhygienic as everyone is touching the rolls…..(promise me you won’t think about this the next time you are using a pub toilet)!

Understanding The Specifications of Standard Toilet Rolls 🧻

There are 4 main specifications to look for in standard toilet rolls:

1 -The number of sheets – this is always shown in our description & on the packaging. The more sheets, the longer it lasts. The number of sheets is normally somewhere between 200 & 320

2 – The number of ‘ply’ – When you look closely at a toilet roll sheet, it is made up of separate thin layers glued together each thin layer is called a ply. The most popular is 2 ply, but we also sell single & 3 ply. The higher the ply, the better the quality.

3 – The type of paper – Toilet paper (and hand towels) are classified as recycled, pure or bamboo/sugarcane.

If the paper is recycled, it is manufactured from mashed-up magazines &  office waste paper & water.

If it’s pure, it comes from pure wood pulp – ie a tree has been cut down to make it. This isn’t always as bad as it seems, as all the trees used in this industry come from managed forests where many more trees are planted than are cut down. 🌳🌳🌳

The final option is paper made primarily from bamboo or sugar cane in the Far East. This is a relatively new range & again, it is more sustainable than you might think. Bamboo & sugarcane grow incredibly quickly & the carbon footprint of goods being shipped is very low.

4 – The number of rolls in the box.


The Standard Toilet Rolls We Sell🧻

We recommend 5 standard toilet rolls for our customers, all of which have a place for different customer needs.

Who Gives A Crap

This is a premium product at a premium price. It’s made from bamboo, it’s fantastic quality, each roll is individually wrapped & the branding & messaging is fun.

who gives a crap toilet roll

The brand has a great online presence & also gives a % of its profits to charity.


  • 100% Bamboo
  • Individually Wrapped Rolls
  • 3 Ply
  • 370 Sheets
  • 48 Rolls Per Box

Sweet Cheeks

This is an individually wrapped 3ply toilet roll made from sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource. Sugar cane grows quickly and can be harvested multiple times, making it a sustainable source for paper production.

It’s perfect for higher-end environments; the wrapped look makes it more hygienic.

sweet cheeks toilet roll


  • 400 Sheets
  • 24 Rolls
  • 3ply
  • Individually Wrapped
  • 100% plastic free – ie wrapped in paper & boxed in recycled cardboard

Whisper Gold

This is a 3ply pure pulp (made from trees) toilet roll. It is one of the most popular choices we have, soft & 3 Ply.

It’s perfect for environments such as staff toilets or any business looking for a little more luxury than the products shown below.



  • 40 Rolls
  • 170 Sheets
  • 3 Ply
  • Pure Pulp

Whisper 320

Also known as TR320. This is also a 2 ply toilet roll made from pure pulp. It’s a popular choice when 2ply will suffice.

It’s perfect for customers where cost is the main deciding factor.



  • 320 Sheets,
  • 36 Rolls
  • 2 Ply
  • Pure Pulp

Nature Professional 320

This is also a 2ply toilet roll made fully from recycled material. It is one of the most popular choices when the customer wants to be more sustainable but don’t have the budget for Who Gives a Crap or Sweet Cheeks.



  • 320 Sheet
  • 36 Rolls
  •  2ply
  • 100% Recycled

System vs Non-System

When we supply paper products, you would normally have dispensers on the wall that you want to fill with the appropriate products. However, if it’s a new building or your bathrooms have been refurbished, you might be looking to purchase dispensers & paper.


Non-system products are widely available from us. The customer always pays for dispensers (when needed) & the customer is then free to buy whichever product they prefer to fill their dispenser.


With systems, we can supply dispensers free-on-loan as long as a free-on-loan form is signed. Our preferred supplier of systems is Northshore

Non-System Rolls

Bulkpack Toilet Tissue

Bulkpack toilet tissue is a pretty popular toilet paper. It is supplied in a block of folded tissues that looks like this:


These blocks slide into a lockable dispenser that looks like this:

Bulk Pack toilet paper Dispenser-2892


  • 2 Ply,
  • 36 Blocks 250 Sheets per Block
  • Pure Pulp


  • The compact design means the dispensers are not too bulky.
  • Hygienic: Dispensers reduce the risk of contamination and tampering.
  • Soft, good quality pure pulp paper.
  • Customers generally like it, because its neat & soft.


  • Specific Dispensers: Requires special dispensers for proper use (unlike standard toilet rolls).
  • Its pure pulp (ie its made of trees, so it is not environmentally friendly.
  • Increased wastage due to people grabbing clumps.
  • It always creates a mess as loose leaves fall on the floor.
  • Wads of it often get stolen as it fits very neatly in a handbag & is handy for cold sufferers!

Mini Jumbo & Maxi Jumbo

These are like standard toilet rolls but massive!


Mini Jumbo Toilet Tissue

These are more popular than maxi jumbo because the dispensers are smaller.

Our mini jumbo toilet rolls are 150m long. It is also possible to buy 200m long versions.

In both maxi & mini jumbo, it is possible to buy a 2.25″ core & a 3″ core version. The core is the cardboard insert in the middle of the roll. We stock both versions, but the 2.25″ core is much more popular.


  • 2ply,
  • 12 Rolls of 150m
  • Wrapped in plastic
  • Made from sugar cane


  • Cost-Efficient: Offers a balance between cost and capacity for medium-use areas.
  • Good quality, very soft paper. It used to be made of pure pulp but is now made from sustainable sugar cane. Making our current version eco-friendly


  • Limited Capacity: The dispenser holds 1 roll,  so when the cleaner goes to replace the roll, there is inevitably wastage (as there is probably some paper left on the roll being removed).
  • 50m shorter than maxi jumbo.
  • Wrapped in plastic rather than boxed

We stock this plastic dispenser, but can also source in stainless steel dispensers if required.

Maxi Jumbo Toilet Tissue:

The same as mini jumbo but 50m longer! These larger rolls are designed for high-traffic restrooms.


  • 2ply,
  • 6 Rolls of 300m
  • Pure pulp


  • High Capacity: Provides ample paper, reducing the need for frequent replacement.
  • Cost-Efficient (High Traffic): Economical for restrooms with heavy use.
  • Less Maintenance: Longer-lasting rolls mean less frequent refilling.
  • Soft paper.


  • Space Requirement: Requires more space in the restroom due to its larger size.
  • Wastage: Needs to be changed before the roll is finished.
  • Pure pulp from trees (we are looking to change these to sugar cane like the mini jumbo)
  • Wrapped in plastic

We stock this plastic dispenser, but can also source in stainless steel dispensers if required.

Northshore Paper System Explained

Now you understand what a paper system is, we’re going to look at the specifics of the Northshore system. Get ready for some paper wizardry! 🧙‍♂️✨🧻

The Northshore toilet paper system comes in two dispensers. The Orbit (left) and the Side-by-side (right). The Orbit is designed for high-traffic areas as it holds 4 rolls, and the Side-by-Side holds 2. In a school, for example, you could have the Orbit in student areas and the Side-by-Side in faculty areas. Both come in blue, black and white.

Northshore Orbit 4 x Toilet Roll Dispenser White Northshore Side by Side 2 x Toilet Roll Dispenser White

Locked In 🔒 in MANY, MANY WAYS

  1. Both dispensers contain plastic prongs that lock into a plastic insert inside the cardboard core of the toilet roll. This patented system means that only Northshore paper can fit into Northshore dispensers.
  2. The dispensers are lockable & can only be opened with a key, so the rolls cannot be stolen.

Zero Waste ♻️ 

The Northshore system offers zero waste, but how does it work? 🤔

In the Orbit, instead of a single large roll being held in the dispenser, it houses 4 separate 625 sheet rolls. Imagine you are a cleaner going in to restock a bathroom, if you have 1 large roll, when do you replace it? If you replace the roll before it’s finished then you’re creating waste, if you wait until it’s empty, then someone’s going to have a very unpleasant experience in your restroom. Since the Northshore Orbit houses 4 rolls, you can replace the empty rolls and leave in full/partial rolls for use. The Orbit changes rolls within the dispenser by rotating the wheel in the centre. The Side-by-side works similarly by sliding the bottom tray from one side to the other. Both can only switch rolls once the current role is depleted.

Toilet Rolls that fit the Orbit and Side-by-Side 🚽

There are 3 toilet rolls we sell that fit into the Northshore toilet paper dispensers. First of all the most popular choice……

616 Rolls


Of all the many, many paper products we sell 616 is our top-seller.

Here is a video Nikki recorded after visiting one of their mills that explains how these products are made.


  • 625 Sheets
  • 36 Rolls
  • 2ply
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • Boxed in cardboard


  • Decent quality
  • Hygienic as each roll is individually wrapped
  • 100% recycled content
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Zero waste
  • Dissolves really quickly so reduces blockages & costly callouts to unblock the drains


  • None!

126 Rolls


This is the single-ply version of 616. It costs a little more for the case (than 616), but you get double the number of sheets & therefore lasts longer, but the quality is not so good. It’s very popular in schools.


  • 1,250 Sheets per Roll
  • 36 Rolls
  • 1ply


  • Very, very economical.
  • Hygienic as each roll is individually wrapped
  • 100% recycled content
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Zero waste
  • Dissolves really quickly, so reduces blockages & costly callouts to unblock the drains


  • Poor quality as only single-ply

525 Rolls

Bay West Impressions Toilet roll x 525 sheet 2 Ply x 36 rolls

This is a more luxurious choice, its softer & is made of pure pulp (trees). It is more expensive and has fewer sheets per roll. It suits high end offices, restaurants or banks.


  • 525 Sheets
  • 36 Rolls
  • 2ply
  • Pure pulp – so very soft


  • Hygienic as each roll is individually wrapped
  • Very soft & lovely quality
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Zero waste


  • Less economical for the customer than the other 2 options

This knowledge will now hopefully help you navigate the world of Northshore paper systems! 😄

Non-System Hand Towels

Now we’ve covered non-system toilet rolls, let’s talk about hand towels. You first need to understand the different folds hand towels can have and what they mean.

Here’s a picture to make it easier to visualise each type we are about to describe.

Z-Fold Hand Towels:

  • Z-Fold towels are folded into a “Z” shape, creating a zigzag pattern.
  • They must be used in a dispenser
  • They dispense one-at-a-time
  • Z-Fold towels are known for their neat and hygienic dispensing, as the next towel is partially hidden, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Z-Fold hand towels are the most recommended (non-system) hand towels and they lead to the least waste

C-Fold Hand Towels:

  • These towels are folded into a “C” shape.
  • Users can sometimes grab too many when they are in a dispenser as they tend not to have 1 sheet dangling down as the other 2 types do.
  • They are the only option if the customer wants to leave a pile of hand towels out on a shelf or in a basket because they don’t interlink with each other & are, therefore, easier to grasp singly from a pile without making a mess.
  • C-Fold towels are cheaper but can lead to more waste when used in a dispenser.

V-Fold Hand Towels:

  • V-Fold towels are folded into a “V” shape, resembling an accordion.
  • They must be used in dispensers.
  • They dispense one-at-a-time

In general, folded hand towels should go into dispensers as having them next to the sinks can cause up to 60% more wastage and people often grab clumps of paper instead of single sheets. If you don’t want a dispenser, then we would recommend a c-fold hand towel.

Northshore Hand Towels

Now let’s dive into the specifics of the Northshore Hand Towel Range. Brace yourself for some hand towel magic! 🧙‍♂️✨

The Northshore hand towel paper system comes in two 2 dispensers, Mechanical Hands-Free (left) and the Micro Fold (right). The Mechanical Hands-Free holds a roll towel and is designed for high-traffic areas. The Micro fold holds small Z-fold hand towels and is designed for low-traffic areas. In a school, for example, you could have the Mechanical Hands-Free in student areas and the Micro fold in faculty areas.

Northshore Mechanical Hands Free Dispenser White Northshore Micro Folded Hand Towel Dispenser White

Locked In 🔒

Like the toilet roll dispensers, the Mechanical Hands-Free dispensers can only be used with Northshore paper. The core inside the roll has notches that line up with the holding bracket inside the dispenser. The dispenser is locked with a key.

Zero Waste ♻️ 

The Northshore system is zero waste but how does it work? 🤔

In the Mechanical Hands-Free, when the roll towel is nearing depletion, it can be dropped down the bottom of the dispenser and a new roll inserted above. This means that the original roll continues to be used until finished, at which point the second roll will take over. This means you don’t need to remove a half-used roll when replenishing the dispenser.

The Micro Fold is much simplier. the stack gets shorter as the towels are used so it just needs topping up every now and again. This is dependent on the footfall. This is no different to non-system hand towels.

Roll Towels that fit the Mechanical Hands-Free 🦾

We sell 2 different types of roll for the mechanical hands-free dispenser. The most popular choice is blue.

5167 Hand Towel

Bay West Roll Towel 1ply Blue 6 x 155m


  • 553 Sheets,
  • 6 Rolls,
  • 1ply Blue
  • 100% Recycled


  • Economical
  • Recyled so good for the environment
  • Made in UK
  • Zero waste


  • It’s not the softest!

The other roll that we sell is white & much softer than the blue version above…

3190 Hand Towel



  • 678 Sheets
  • 6 Rolls
  • 1ply White
  • Pure Pulp


  • Softer than the blue 5167
  • Made in UK
  • Zero waste
  • Its FSC classified (ie its from managed forests)


  • It’s made from trees

Hand Towels that fit the Micro Fold 📁

490 Hand Towels – the most popular choice.



  • 3,000 Sheets
  • 200 per Sleeve
  • 1ply Blue
  • Recycled

487 Hand Towels



  • 3,000 Sheets
  • 200 per Sleeve
  • 1ply
  • White Recycled

This knowledge will help you navigate the world of Northshore paper systems! 😄

All About Northwood / Northshore / One Stop Sustainability

90% of the paper we supply is manufactured by Northwood. They are a massive company that own the Northshore Brand (formerly known as Bay West).

Watch Northwood’s intro video below to understand more about them.

Both Northshore and One Stop Cleaning Shop are focused on Sustainability. Watch the below to find out more.

Centrefeed Wiping Rolls

blue centrefeed roll

Centrefeed Roll

The name “centre feed” or “center pull” roll is derived from the way the paper is dispensed. In these rolls, the paper is wound around a cardboard core, this core is pulled out once the roll is fitted within the dispenser, alllowing the paper to be pulled from the middle of the roll instead of the outside (like a kitchen roll).


  • Versatility: They are versatile and suitable for various cleaning and wiping tasks in industrial, commercial, and healthcare settings.
  • Quick and Convenient: Center feed rolls are ideal for high-traffic areas where quick and easy access to paper towels or wipes is essential.
  • Absorbent: The paper in center feed rolls is typically absorbent, making it effective for cleaning and wiping tasks.
  • Space-Efficient: Their compact design saves space in storage areas and dispensers, making them suitable for facilities with limited storage space.
  • Made of recycled paper


  • You need compatible dispensers designed for center feed rolls. These dispensers can be an initial investment.
  • Roll Replacement: In high-traffic areas, center feed rolls may require more frequent replacement compared to larger rolls, leading to increased maintenance efforts.
  • They are still wrapped in plastic


6 x 150m Centre Feed Rolls
Embossed 2 Ply
Blue or White centrefeed – most popular choice


6 x 300m Centre Feed Rolls
1-Ply Flat Sheet – ie the sheets are not embossed
Blue or White 1ply centrefeed – cheaper choice per 1m length, but nowhere near as popular as 2ply


6 x Blue Centre Feed Rolls – Eco Version
Blue or White 2ply Centrefeed – cheapest choice but not best value as only 50m


Plastic Dispenser to fit Centrefeed Blue or White Roll (ie all of the above)


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