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I Need a Machine for a Large Area of Safety Floor

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

What is Safety Flooring?

Businesses often use safety flooring to reduce the chance of customers or staff slipping. The most well-known manufacturer of safety flooring is Altro.

red safety floor rough in texture hard to clean

The way to tell if you have this type of floor is run your nails over it. If it feels like sandpaper, then it is a safety floor. If the floor is smooth & silky, then it is probably vinyl or rubber. It is the gritty & rough texture of safety flooring that helps to grab the soles of your feet, giving plenty of grip. Unfortunately, the texture also grips & holds onto dirt which can be very difficult to remove.

After many years of being called out to sites to advise on cleaning this type of floor, we have come up with solutions that we know work.


If you have a large area of safety flooring that is too big to be mopped, then we suggest you buy a battery scrubber dryer.

What is a Scrubber Dryer?

A scrubber dryer is a machine capable of applying a cleaning solution to a floor, scrubbing the floor & sucking the dirty water back up again.  It is possible to clean a floor in a single pass if it is not too dirty. If the floor has a lot of ingrained dirt, we suggest you do one pass that applies the cleaning solution & scrubs the floor. Leave the solution down for a few minutes for the chemical to work & then go back over the same area to vacuum the dirty water back up.

Our Most Popular Scrubber Dryer

The Numatic TTB1840G Twintech Battery Scrubber Dryer is the ideal machine for quickly cleaning any hard floor, including safety flooring.



The TTB1840 is very simple to operate and requires very little training to use. All the controls on the machine are very intuitive. The machine is straightforward to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces. The smaller size of this machine makes it very easy to navigate around the narrowest of walkways.

The removal of the power cable in favour of battery power means that there is less time spent unhooking the mains cable when it gets snagged and more time spent simply getting on with the job. The worry of knocking items off shelving with the trailing power cable is also removed, as is the danger of tripping someone up.

How to Clean a Safety Floor Using a Scrubber Dryer

  1. Fill the solution tank of the TTB1840 with water & add 180ml of Ubik 2000
  2. Switch the machine on and slowly walk forward as the machine applies the cleaning solution, scrubs the floor & vacuums the dirty water up in 1 pass.
  3. Empty the dirty water from the recovery tank down a suitable drain.