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I Need a Mop for a Large Area of Safety Floor

Cleaning Tips 12-Nov-19 | By Nikki

What is Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring is designed to reduce people’s chance of slipping, particularly when floors are wet. The most well-known manufacturer of safety flooring is Altro.

How can I tell if I have a Safety Floor?

red safety floor rough in texture hard to clean

The way to tell if you have this type of floor is run your nails over it. If it feels like sandpaper, then it is a safety floor. If the floor is smooth & silky, then it is probably vinyl or rubber.

It is the gritty, rough texture of the floor that grabs your shoes’ soles when walking. Unfortunately, this texture also grips & holds onto dirt which can be very difficult to remove.

How do I clean safety flooring?

After many years of being asked to advise on cleaning this type of floor, we have put together a kit that includes everything you need to clean safety flooring better than ever before.

If you have a large area of safety flooring but don’t have the budget or room for a cleaning machine, choose our large flat mopping kit. Standard mops do not clean this type of floor. When traditional mop strings are dragged over rough floors, the grit within the floor drags the dirt & mop fluff back off the mop.

Our kit:

  • A colour coded flat mopping kit.  You will receive a 25L bucket complete with a mop wringer.  The bucket sits on 3″ rubberised castors, making it effortless to move across large floors.  The flat mop break frame allows the mop head to fold & slide into the wringer. A microfibre mop head & colour coded handle are also included, exactly as shown in this picture.


  • A spikey/scratchy mop head to fit the above mop, which agitates & loosens the dirt from the floor, getting it into a slurry. This mop will not pick up any dirt, but it is better at scrubbing the dirt out of Altro flooring than any other pad or brush that we have tried.

ultraspeed microfibre mop

  • 1 x 5L of Ubik 2000 fitted with a drum pump. We have found this to be the best chemical for cleaning safety flooring.

Ubik 2000

  • 3 x Spare microfibre mop heads so that you can always mops even when some of the mops are in the laundry. You can also use the spare heads to sweep before mopping, clean walls & cupboards, or dry the floor after mopping.

ultraspeed mop head

Steps to getting your safety floor clean:

  1. Put 4 pumps of Ubik 2000 into your bucket.
  2. Fit the scratchy grey pad to the mop frame.
  3. Immerse the mop into the bucket & liberally apply the mopping solution to the floor. Move the mop across the floor in a figure of eight. Keep the floor wet; you will see the water getting darker & filthier as the ingrained dirt begins to seep from the floor.
  4. Swap the grey mop head for one of the white ones & pick up as much of the dirty water as possible using your clean mop. Again remember to use a figure of eight motion rather than scrubbing back & forth. This keeps all dirt on the leading edge of the mop & gets more grime off the floor.
  5. For the perfect finish, swap the mop head again & use this one dry to remove any remaining dirty water from the floor.
  6. Finally, wash any dirty mop heads in your washing machine. Just remember to leave out fabric conditioner as this reduced the effectiveness of the microfibre. These mops can literally last years before they need replacing.