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Our Eco-Friendly Ranges

OSCS News 5-Oct-22 | By Steve

New Eco-Icons

You may have noticed that we have recently created a set of eco icons to help you make more informed decisions with regards to the environmental impact of the products you buy from us.

We have a range of new icons appearing alongside some items on our website and these are placed next to a product that you can identify as being environmentally friendly.

There are six different categories, each containing an icon and an explanation of what makes them eco-friendly: for example, the recycling icon will guide customers in choosing items that either are made from recycled products or can easily be recycled instead of being thrown away after use!

Get started by clicking the icons below to take you to the list of products in each category to see how you can join us on Our Journey to a Cleaner, Greener Planet.

Where ever possible we source our stock from UK factories. This reduces our carbon footprint & prevents supply issues.
For example, all the Numatic products we sell are made in their factory in Chard, in Somerset – just 50 miles from our store in Bristol!

Identifies products that reduce consumption or time. Eg a vacuum that uses less electricity, a chemical that is hyper-concentrated, or a product that saves you time when using.
One of our favourite products in this category is our 5L bottle of Scale It Descaler & Washroom Cleaner – where you can get 166 trigger spray bottles worth from this one purchase!

Identifies products or packaging that can be reused. In 2022 we will aim to collect & refill many of our chemical containers.
Our most popular product in this category is our Reusable Trigger Spray Bottles, plus at less than £2 per bottle they are very affordable too.

Identifies items or packaging that is either made from recycled material or can be recycled.
One of the most surprising things you may see in this category is our Black Refuse Sacks – but they are actually made from 100% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable.

The biodegradable symbol means the product will rot away within months if sent to landfill, or if it’s a chemical will leave no trace in our waterways.
The best example of this is our range of cleaning chemicals from Bio Hygiene which are all 100% biodegradable!

Shows products that hold an FSC certificate – a globally recognised certification system allowing businesses and end-users to identify products with well-managed and responsible forests and/or recycled sources.
By far our most popular product in this category is our 616 Toilet Rolls – which are also made in the UK!


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