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Stay Safe Using Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment 17-Sep-15 | By Nikki

Best Practice for Health and Safety using Cleaning Equipment

Once we have sold a piece of equipment to a customer we want to be sure that they can continue to use it safely & effectively, that’s why we advise our customers to always have training.

Stay Safe With Our Guide

Here is a handy guide to keeping yourself, your client & your staff safe when cleaning equipment is being used:

Before using any piece of electrical equipment it is essential that you do the following

1. If machine has a cable rewind or if you are using a cable reel extension unwind all the cable before use. If you don’t it is likely the machine will trip out
2. Carry out a visual check of the cable, & run your hand along the length of the cable (before plugging it in). If there are any signs of wear & in particular bare wires put the machine to one side & label it with a red tag as unfit for use
3. Ensure that your machines have a current PAT test sticker.
4. When using any cable machine always assess & manage the potential trip hazard of the trailing cable as much as possible. Always make sure that your colleagues & client are aware that cleaning is being carried out. Always use warning signs. Never have the cable taut so that it is raised from the ground & try not to have the cable crossing walkways.
5. Never rest the cable over your shoulder.

Additional Top Tips for Health and Safety

1. When working through your site consider whether your floors are becoming more slippery. As an example it might be that a degreaser is not being diluted properly & a greasy film is building up on the floor.
2. Never leave a floor wet without leaving a safety sign prominently displayed
3. Always leave floors as dry as possible. If you have access to a scrubber dryer than use it. Is your scrubber dryer is not leaving the floor bone dry? Wipe a wet cloth clean cloth along the length of the squeegee rubbers. If this does not work let your supervisor know as it might need new squeegee rubbers.
4. Never leave dirty water inside any piece of equipment even a mop bucket. Dirty, wet environments are a breeding ground for bacteria & will create bad smells in your cleaning cupboard & when you are cleaning your building. Whenever possible fully empty & rinse all pieces of equipment. For the same reason always rinse mops & leave them to dry upside down.

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