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Does using a scrubber dryer save you time & therefore money?

Cleaning Equipment 23-Apr-18 | By Nikki

If you have a large area to clean then you should be considering using a scrubber dryer rather than mopping. A machine will get your floors cleaner, quicker.

Lets imagine your area is the size of a tennis court = 24m x 11m = 264 sq/m

Image result for tennis court

Mopping this area using a 16oz kentucky mop with a bucket & wringer would take 41 minutes

With a flat mopping system this area should take 18 minutes to clean

Using a 17″ scrubber dryer  could take less than 5 minutes.

So, if this area is cleaned every night then you could save around £25 per week = £1300 per year in labour costs.

Other considerations:

  • The floor will be left very wet using a kentucky mop, damp with flat mopping & dry with a scrubber dryer – so you might need to factor in drying times too (not included in above)
  • If the floor is dryer the floor will be cleaner as more of the dirty water has been removed from the surface & the pores of the floor.
  • Scrubber dryers are best used in areas that are open or have straight lines as you ideally need to walk in 1 direction – this is because scrubber dryers lay down cleaning solution at the front of the machine (through the scrubbing brush) & then pick up the dirty water through a vacuumated squeegee at the back
  • If your area is full of furniture or does not have clear aisles then flat mopping might be better