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ECO-ONE – How To Use

Eco-Friendly Cleaning 22-Aug-23 | By Steve

ECO-ONE Products – How To Use

Stop buying single-use plastics… Swap to ECO-ONE biodegradable sachets now.

Is your cleaning cupboard overflowing with cleaning chemicals and single-use plastics?

There is a better way to clean!

Our new ECO-ONE plastic-free chemical sachet range. Not only will this save space in your storage area, but it will remove all single-use plastics from your workflow. There is zero waste and no chance of over-dilution. Plus all chemicals are non-hazardous in use.

How to use the products…

Trigger Sprays:

  1. Fill your empty trigger spray bottle to the line with either cold or warm water.
  2. Drop in one trigger spray sachet of the correct chemical.
  3. Screw on the trigger spray top and shake for 30 seconds to fully dilute the sachet.
  4. Spray on a suitable cloth, clean the surface, and buff dry.


  1. Fill your 5L bucket with either cold or warm water.
  2. Drop in one sachet of the correct chemical.
  3. Swirl the water with your mop to mix in the chemical.
  4. Finally, mop the floor and allow to air dry.


About ECO-ONE…

Our Goal

Sustainability and a general “do the right thing” approach is at the heart of what we do at One Stop Cleaning Shop. We want to bring more affordable, convenient cleaning solutions to businesses in the UK.

The Challenge

An often overlooked but major challenge for the cleaning industry is the use of liquid chemicals. These are typically packaged in single-use plastic 750ml or 5L bottles which are then transported around the country leading to high CO2 emissions. When the bottles are depleted, they are frequently non-reusable and get thrown out.

The Solution

ECO-ONE Cleaning Sachets. Impossible to over-dose, even for a beginner. Usually 1 sachet per bucket / trigger spray. These sachets dissolve in water to create the required cleaning chemical anywhere at a moment’s notice. Made less than 10 miles from our warehouse and delivered using our fleet of electic vehicles. We have worked with a local manufacturer to create our own brand of chemical sachets and have thought our the product lifecycle from start to finish to ensure it is as environmentally friendly as possible while still providing the results needed for commercial and domestic cleaning environments.

Our Range

We have thought about the main cleaning requirements of our customers and have come up with 6 main products to launch, with more coming soon!

Multi-Clean: This is an all-surface cleaner and degreaser for use on doors, walls, desks, work surfaces, plastic fittings, door handles & more. They are available in either a 50pk which is suitable for using with a mop & bucket, or a 20pk which is more suitable for use in a trigger spray bottle.

Odour-Clean: A powerful cleaner & deodouriser which is designed for use on all hard surfaces, including ceramic tiles, concrete, sinks & desks. These are also available in either a 50pk which is suitable for using with a mop & bucket, or a 20pk which is more suitable for use in a trigger spray bottle.

Foaming Soap: Luxury soap for hand and body. Can be used in either our foaming soap dispensing bottle, or a foaming soap wall dispenser. Available in a 20pk.

Toilet-Clean: This is an acidic and thickened toilet cleaner & descaler for toilets and urinals to remove limescale and “other” stains. It is suitable for use on stainless steel, porcelain, chrome and ceramic. Available in a 20pk.

Washroom-Clean: A cleaner for all washroom areas including sinks, taps, shower screens, tiles, etc. It is great at removing body fats, and prevents the build up of limescale. Available in a 20pk.

Dishwasher Sachets: A specially formulated powder sachet for use in all dishwashing machines. Leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean. Available in a 50pk.

100% Biodegradable.
Fully recyclable packaging.
Eliminates single-use plastics.
Reduces your carbon footprint by 95%.

refill, reuse, rethink.



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