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One Stop Cleaning Shop vs Plastic Waste

OSCS News 16-May-23 | By Steve

One Stop Cleaning Shop vs Plastic Waste

Question: Do you know how much plastic waste the UK gets through each week?

Answer: Too much!… Each week UK households produce 1.85 billion recycling items (equating to 96.6 billion items a year).

plastic wasteplastic waste

The shocking factor in all this waste is what actually happens once the local council has taken the items. Over 70% of the plastic sent for recycling is either incinerated or sent to landfill. 17% is exported to countries that deal with it for us, and ONLY 12% is actually recycled here in the UK!

For the past 52 years, One Stop Cleaning Shop has been part of an industry that has been polluting the planet & doing very little to pro-actively promote greener products. As a company, we have let our customers lead us where they wanted to go. So, as our customers have not traditionally demanded environmentally friendly products, we have only ever stocked a limited range.

plastic rubbish waste heap

We are now making a commitment to change.

At the moment either yourself, or your cleaners are probably using a drum-pump 5L bottle like this.
5l drum pump empty bottle

You’re probably squinting at the label trying to decipher what a dilution rate of 1:150 even means. If you’re lucky your cleaners are pumping 1 squirt into a bucket, if you’re slightly less lucky they are putting in 2 squirts, and if you’re really unlucky they are glugging it in. All of this results in higher costs & sticky floors which re-soil quicker.
Adding to this the fact that 90-95% of most chemicals are water, you and us are both creating carbon by us delivering (and you ordering) mainly water!

Even worse than this you might be using the RTU (Ready-To-Use) products like the one below. 83g of plastic straight into the bin after use, with a 12% chance it might be recycled.

rtu ready to use empty spray bottle 750ml

We have a simple solution...

Plastic-Free Disposable Sachets. Simple Dilution (usually 1 sachet per bottle) – meaning your costs are controlled with no one over or under-diluting the product. The packaging is 100% biodegradable, and there is zero waste.

Each version of the chemical is available with its own reusable trigger spray bottle, meaning no more plastic to send to landfill once the bottle is finished – just rinse out and start again!

One 20-sachet pouch of chemicals weighs just 160g. So swapping to this not only saves space when transporting and storing but also massively reduces your carbon footprint.

90 lorries VS 1 lorry


Our mission is simple. To reduce single-use plastic from schools, businesses and homes.

Check out our ECO-ONE Plastic-Free Chemical range now.


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